Looking Back on 2016


Our practice is not to simply shelter, clothe and feed the distressed people that have been overtaken by their misfortunes, but also to aid them in reorganizing their devastated means of support; to instruct and in all ways within our power to reinstate them as nearly as possible in their former prosperous conditions.

We do not act except in cases that are beyond the local means of relief, nor until the call comes and we are satisfied that our services are needed.

Clara Barton introducing the Disaster Services of the American Red Cross.

I am happy to say that in 2016, I moved in a career direction that I wanted and moved into my first studio. I befriended a cat and believe that I have made a measurable difference in helping others. Since being hired, the Cascades region has deployed 3 times the number of responders it had deployed the year before. To help others, volunteers need our support. My team and our donors give them that. Here's to 2017.