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Curating Big Data Made Simple: Perspectives From Scientific Communities

DOI: 10.1089/big.2013.0046

Sowe, Sulayman K, and Koji Zettsu. “Curating Big Data Made Simple: Perspectives From Scientific Communities.” Big Data (2014): 1-11. Web.

p.2: We posit that it is this techo-socio-network, or the ability to support interconnections between applications, data, and people, that make big data so appealing to the research community. With big data, researchers can have access to a variety of data, establish more relationships between various types of datasets from diverse sources and domains, and collaborate with other big data researchers. -- Highlighted mar 23, 2014

p.2: Research Question: How can we design, develop, and maintain a cloud platform that can support scientific communities to curate big data? -- Highlighted mar 23, 2014

p.3: The dawn of big data has produced a fundamental shift in the way data is being generated, managed, and utilized by research communities. -- Highlighted mar 23, 2014

p.3: Some of the challenges we face include diversity in terms of both data and applications for processing and analyzing data; widening gaps between researchers and data providers; managing multiple and changing roles of data providers (R&D institutions, research labs, companies, governments, etc.); data security and privacy policies; and open standards to deal with the big data influx. -- Highlighted mar 23, 2014

p.7: Other obstacles to sharing scientific data and research results are the lack of research infrastructure that can help researchers access and "move" large datasets, tools for analyzing and making inferences from big data, easy way of citing and linking big data to research reports, and discovering research colleagues or associates to share and critique research findings. -- Highlighted mar 23, 2014