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Seoul Museum Week 2013: Collaboration Using Gamification

H. Kim and . Kim, Seoul Museum Week 2013: Collaboration Using Gamification. In Museums and the Web 2013, N. Proctor & R. Cherry (eds). Silver Spring, MD: Museums and the Web. Published October 13, 2013. http://mwa2013.museumsandtheweb.com/paper/seoul-museum-week-2013-collaboration-using-gamification/

p.1: The Seoul Museum Association (SMA) made a new plan for the 2013 Museum Week events using the Internet and gamication techniques. The organization formed a network of 24 museums in Seoul as a single group on the Internet, and encouraged visitors to solve 24 missions at 24 venues during seven days (18th-24th May 2013). This system was established based on the seven gamication components set by Zichermann from the stage of design. -- Highlighted mar 16, 2014

p.1: The research presented in this paper emerged from the question: “Can linked museums offer a new and unique experience to museum visitors?” -- Highlighted mar 16, 2014

p.2: This project offered a ‘special Museum Week’ to the citizens, an online ‘network development’ to the SMA and a ‘new kind of museum’ to each participating museum. In other words, the program tried to connect visitors and the museums in Seoul that were not particularly connected to the citizens other than that they both were in Seoul, with stories and a quest. -- Highlighted mar 16, 2014

p.3: we decided to adopt the theory of Gabe Zichermann on the seven elements of ‘point, level, leaderboard, badge, quest, onboarding, and engagement loops’ to attempt to attract visitors and address the issue of museums. (Gabe Zichermann, 2011) -- Highlighted mar 16, 2014

p.3: cultural institutions, the primary example of gamication in Korea can be said the ‘Stamp Tour’, which is a modication of the ‘Loyalty Card’. Those who receive stamps at several institutions within a certain period will get some reward. -- Highlighted mar 16, 2014

p.6: Over 1,000 people visited the museums in the network and 53 people visited more than ve museums, even though the participating museums were scattered all over the city. We collected over 1,000 stories from the visitors to the museums, and provided players with a special memory of museums in Seoul during Museum Week. -- Highlighted mar 16, 2014